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RCA TV Repair Service

Our company specializes in repair of RCA television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view RCA televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for RCA televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of RCA televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

Official Web Site:
RCA TV Repair Service

RCA Models:
056P005 09GP104C02 09GP107C03 09GP110(KB) 05GP005
09GP104F01 09GP107F02 09GP1110 05GP009 09GP104F02
09GP107F03 09GP220 07GP001 09GP105 09GP108
09GP221 096P109 09GP105F01 09GP108C03 09GP222
09GP101 09GP105F02 09GP108C24 09GP223 09GP101F01
09GP106 09GP108C25F03 09GP341 09GP103 09GP106C02
09GP108F03 09GP341(K) 09GP103F01 09GP106C03 09GP108F24
09GP344 09GP104 09GP106F02 09GP109 09GP344(J)
09GP104A 09GP106F03 09GP109(LB) 09GT108C03 09GP104C01
09GP107 09GP110 09GT221 0F19204WT 10AB0405
10AB2408 11-1008 1 10AB0406 10AB3402
11-1011 100 10AB0408 10AB3406 11-1018
101 10AB0409 10AB3408 111030 102
10AB0410 10AB3409 11-1038 10AA9402 10AB0411
10AB4408 111050 10AA9404 10AB1402 10AB5402
11-1051 10AA9405 10AB1405 10AB5403 11-1053
10AA9406 10AB1406 10AB5406 11-1058 10AA9408
10AB2402 10ABK413 111100 10AB0402 10AB2405
11-1000 111102 10AB0404 10AB2406 11-1001
11-1103 11-1104 11-2015 11-4022B 11-4604
11-1105 112015A 11-4080 11-4605 11-1106
112017A 11-4110 11-4610 11-1108 11-2100
11-4210 11-4680 11-2000 11-2120 11-4310
114730 112000A 11217A 11-4410 11-4810
11-2002A 11-3015 11-4501 114910 112004
11-3017A 11-4510 11-4911 112004A 11-4010
11-4580 115020 112004B 11-4020A 11-4601
115020A 11-2010A 11-4020B 11-4602 11-5020B
112012A 11-4022 11-4603 11-5020C 115110
118040A 11-8131A 12L500T 115111 11-8050A
11-8162 12L500TD 115730 11-8052A 11-8162A
12XB9102 11-6000A 11-8060 11-8162B 12XB9103
116025 118060A 11-8200 12XB9104 116025A
118060B 118200A 12XB9112 11-6027 11-8100
11-9050 12XB9113 116027A 118100A 11-9050A
12XB9114 11-7025 11-8115 11-9052 12XB9115
11-8000A 118125 119052A 12XB9121 118010A
11-8125B 11-9100A 12XB9122 11-8040 118125C
125 12XBK117 12XBK123 12XJ4114 13AA9508
13AC1504W 12XE2102 12XK4122 13AC0502 13AC1506
12XE2104 12XQ5122 13AC0503 13AC1512 12XE2112
12XR5104 13AC0504 13AC1542 12XE2114 12XR5114
13AC0504W 13AC1542W 12XE2122 12XR5204W 13AC0505
13AC2502 12XEK117 12XR5204X 13AC0506 13AC2503
12XEK125 13AA9502 13AC0507 13AC2504 12XF3104
13AA9503 13AC0520 13AC2505 12XF3114 13AA9504
13AC1502 13AC2506 12XG3122 13AA9505 13AC1503
13AC2542 12XJ4104 13AA9506 13AC1504 13AC2542W
13AC2545 13AC4546 13BC5540 13GP210 13AC2545W
13AC4546W 13BC5540W 13GP210B 13AC3502 13ACB516
13BC5550 13GP210BC04 13AC3503 13ACB516W 13BC5550W
13GP210BF04 13AC3504 13ACB546 13GP010 13GP210BF14
13AC3506 13ACB547 13GP110 13GP210C03 13AC3516
13ACB547W 13GP203C01 13GP210C04 13AC3542 13ACK509
13GP203C03 13GP210F03 13AC3542W 13BC5502 13GP203F01
13GP210F04 13AC4516 13BC5504 13GP203F03 13GP211
13AC4542 13BC5504W 13GP204 13GP211A 13AC4542W
13BC5509 13GP204C03 13GP211AC15 13GP211A(TB) 13GP234C01
13GP236F01 13GP239C03 13GP211C04 13GP234F01 13GP236F02
13GP239C04 13GP211F03 13GP234F02 13GP236F03 13GP239C(TB)
13GP211F04 13GP234F03 13GP237 13GP239F03 13GP228
13GP235 13GP237C01 13GP239F04 13GP229 13GP235C01
13GP237C03 13GP240 13GP229F01 13GP235F01 13GP237F01
13GP240A 13GP229F02 13GP235F02 13GP237F03 13GP240AF15
13GP231 13GP235F03 13GP239 13GP240A(TB) 13GP231F01
13GP236 13GP239A 13GP240C03 13GP231F02 13GP236C01
13GP239A(TB) 13GP240C04 13GP234 13GP236C03 13GP239C
13GP240F03 13GP240F04 13GP341(A) 13GP430F02 13GT656
13GP241 13GP344 13GP431 13PF5508 13GP241(TB)
13GP344(E) 13GP431C01 13PF5510 13GP243 13GP410F01
13GP431F01 13PF5551 13GP243(TB) 13GP411 13GP431F02
13PF6500 13GP244 13GP411F01 13GP433C01 13PF6504
13GP244(TC) 13GP413 13GP433C02 13PF6545 13GP300
13GP413F01 13GP433F01 13PP5555W 13GP300F11 13GP415
13GP701 13R100T(P) 13GP301 13GP415F01 13GP701(H)
13R400TD 13GP301F11 13GP430 13GP711(H) 13TRV40
13GP341 13GP430F01 13GT300 13TRV70 13TUR60
13TVR70 14F400T 15XBK227 13TVR 13TVR70F01
14F512T 166110 13TVR01 13TVR72 150
16-801 13TVR03 13TVR72 VCR 151 16-802
13TVR0L 13TVR90 152 16-803 13TVR40
13V110TD 15L500TD 16-825 13TVR43 13V400T
15XB9202 16-851 13TVR45 13V400T(W) 15XB9211
16-852 13TVR60 13V401 15XB9212 16-853
13TVR60C01 13V401TV 15XB9213 17AA9600 13TVR60F01
14269N01 15XB9226 17AA9601 13TVR62 149722
15XBK215 17AA9602 17AA9604 17AC2642W 17PF5652
19CH6743 17AA9683 17AC3602 17PF5654 19CP6738
17AC0601 17AC3606 17PF5670 19CP6770 17AC0602
17AC3642 188 19CP6780 17AC1601 17AC3642W
19060GY 19EC0714 17AC1602 17ACC685 19AM150
19EC0722 17AC1642 17BC4642W 19CC6709 19EC0723
17AC1642W 17BC5652 19CC6733 19EC0724 17AC2602
17BC5652W 19CC6739 19EC0726 17AC2606 17BC5654
19CC6749 19EC0727 17AC2606W 17BC5654W 19CC6751
19EC0728 17AC2642 17PF5602 19CC6753 19EC0728W
19EC0735 19EC0776K 19EC1754 19EC2754W 19EC0740
19EC1702 19EC1754W 19EC2756 19EC0742 19EC1703
19EC1756 19EC2756K 19EC0751 19EC1704 19EC1756K
19EC3754 19EC0752 19EC1706 19EC2712 19EC3754W
19EC0762 19EC1708 19EC2724 19EC3756 19EC0766
19EC1710 19EC2730 19EC3756K 19EC0770 19EC1712
19EC2732 19ECC782 19EC0770W 19EC1724 19EC2734
19ECC783 19EC0772 19EC1734 19EC2742 19ECC784
19EC0772K 19EC1742 19EC2742W 19ECC786 19EC0776
19EC1742W 19EC2754 19ECC787 19ECK716 19GT240
19GT241TX3(A7) 19GT270TX3(B9) 19ECK733 19GT240TX1 19GT241TX3(A9)
19GT300 19ECK736 19GT240TX1(A4) 19GT242TX1 19GT310
19ECK743 19GT240TX3 19GT242TX1(A9) 19GT310FA1 19ECK743W
19GT240TX3(A7) 19GT243 19GT310FA2 19ECK746 19GT240TX3(A9)
19GT243F11 19GT310JX1 19ECK746W 19GT240TX4 19GT243(R)
19GT310TX2 19ECK763 19GT240TX4(C9) 19GT270 19GT311
19ECO772K 19GT241 19GT270TX1 19GT311B 19ECO776K
19GT241TX1 19GT270TX1(B4) 19GT311BTX1 19GP300 19GT241TX1(A4)
19GT270TX3 19GT311BTX2 19GT230 19GT241TX3 19GT270TX3(B7)
19GT311TX1 19GT311TX2 19GT314 19GT319TX1 19GT320TX2
19GT311V 19GT314FB1 19GT319TX1(A) 19GT320TX2(C2) 19GT312
19GT314JX1 19GT319TX1(A2) 19GT320TX2(C3) 19GT312FA1 19GT317
19GT319TX1(A3) 19GT351 19GT312FA2 19GT317TX1 19GT319TX2
19GT351FA1 19GT312TX1 19GT317TX1(A) 19GT319TX2(C2) 19GT351FA2
19GT312TX2 19GT317TX1(A2) 19GT319TX2(C3) 19GT351JX1 19GT313
19GT317TX1(A3) 19gt320 19GT351TX2 19GT313C 19GT317TX2
19GT320TX1 19GT352 19GT313CTX2 19GT317TX2(C2) 19GT320TX1(A)
19GT352TX1 19GT313TX1 19GT317TX2(C3) 19GT320TX1(A2) 19GT352TX2
19GT313TX2 19GT319 19GT320TX1(A3) 19GT354 19GT354TX1
19GT357TX1(B) 19PC2724 19PC3706 19GT354TX2 19GT357TX1(B2)
19PC2730 19PC3708 19GT356 19GT357TX1(B3) 19PC2732
19PC3714 19GT356TX1 19GT363 19PC2732WB01 19PC3730
19GT356TX1(B) 19GT363TX1 19PC2734 19PC3732 19GT356TX1(B2)
19GT366TX1 19PC2742 19PC3734 19GT356TX1(B3) 19GX010
19PC2742W 19PC3742 19GT356TX2 19GX010N01 19PC2745
19PC3742W 19GT356TX2(D2) 19GX310N01 19PC2745W 19PC3744
19GT356TX2(D3) 19HY241 19PC3702 19PC3744W 19GT357
19PC2705 19PC3703 19PC3754W 19GT357TX1 19PC2712
19PC3704 19PC4708 19PC4730 19PC5752 19PCC754W
19PCU704 19PC4738W 19PC5752W 19PCC783 19PCU752
19PC5575 19PC5754 19PCC783W 19PCU752W 19PC5702
19PC5754W 19PCC785 19PF3742 19PC5703 19PC5762W
19PCC789 19PF5734 19PC5704 19PC5763W 19PCH743
19PF5752 19PC5706 19PC6752 19PCH743B 19PF6703
19PC5707 19PC6755 19PCL737 19PF6704 19PC5730
19PCC709 19PCL738 19PF6730 19PC5734 19PCC738
19PCL739 19PF6736 19PC5750 19PCC739 19PCP752J
19PF6740 19PC5750W 19PCC754 19PCU703 19PF6741
19PF6744 19PM4746 19PM4762K 19PMB754W 19PF6752
19PM4746W 19PM5765 19PMB756 19PF6754 19PM4754
19PM5765W 19PMB756W 19PF6755 19PM4754W 19PM5780
19PMB760 19PF6756 19PM4756 19PM5780K 19PMB760K
19PF6757 19PM4756W 19PM5785 19PMB762 19PF6802
19PM4758 19PM5785K 19PMB762K 19PFU704 19PM4758K
19PMB726 19PMP769WC 19PFU740 19PM4758W 19PMB736
19PP5736 19PFU752 19PM4760 19PMB746 19PP5738
19PM4726 19PM4760K 19PMB746W 19PP5762 19PM4736
19PM4762 19PMB754 19PP5762W 19PP5763 19TVR01HCS
19YA9724 19YC9772 19PP5763W 19TVR01HCX 19YA9725
19YC9774 19PP5764 19TVR01NHCX 19YA9726 19YC9776
19PP5764K 19TVR60 19YA9727 1AMP5100 19PP5765
19TVR60CO1 19YA9728 1AMP5200 19PP5765W 19TVR60FO1
19YA9735 1AMP5200E 19PP5780K 19TVR62 19YA9737
1AMP5300 19PP5785K 19TVRO1HCS 19YA9738 1AMP5400
19PP578OK 19TVRO1HCX 19YC9760 1AMP6200 19RV69P
19V400TV 19YC9762 1AMP6300 19TRV60 19YA9714
19YC9764 1AMP6400 19TVR01 19YA9723 19YC9766
1C1CVP5028 1CSD5200 1CVC5032 1CVC6036E 1CVD4021X
1CSD6500 1CVC5032E 1CVC6038 1CVD5021 1CVA405
1CVC5033 1CVC6038E 1CVD-5021X 1CVA420 1CVC5033E
1CVD2021 1CVD-5023 1CVC2030 1CVC5034 1CVD2021W
1CVD5023X 1CVC2030E 1CVC5034E 1CVD2021X 1CVD5024
1CVC3030E 1CVC5036 1CVD2121X 1CVD5025 1CVC3035E
1CVC5036E 1CVD3020 1CVD5025X 1CVC4030 1CVC5038E
1CVD3020X 1CVD5026 1CVC4030E 1CVC6032E 1CVD4020
1CVD5027 1CVC4035 1CVC6033E 1CVD4020X 1CVD5027B
1CVC4035E 1CVC6036 1CVD4021 1CVD5027X 1CVD5028
1CVP3022 1CVP5024X 1CVT610 1CVD5030 1CVP3022X
1CVP5026 1CVT615 1CVD5072B 1CVP3024 1CVP5026B
1CVT620 1CVK5040 1CVP3024X 1CVP5026X 1CVT625
1CVK5040X 1CVP4022 1CVP5028 1CVT630 1CVM5080
1CVP4022X 1CVP5028B 1CVT635 1CVM5080E 1CVP4024
1CVP5028X 1CVT640 1CVM6060 1CVP4024X 1CVP5030
1CVT645 1CVM6060E 1CVP5022 1CVP5038 1CVT650
1CVP2020 1CVP5022B 1CVP5435WQ 1EQL5400 1CVP2020X
1CVP5022X 1CVT600 1EQL6400 1CVP2022X 1CVP5024
1CVT605 1PCD5030 1PCD5035 1SKX5050 1TTB5600
1VCR0010W 1PCD6060 1SKX5075 1TTB5700 1VCR1004
1PCD6070 1SKX6055 1TTB6500 1VCR1006 1RAK5100
1SKX6070 1TTB6700 1VCR1006X 1RAK5200 1SKX6100
1VCD2021 1VCR1010 1RAK5300 1SKX6200 1VCP6020
1VCR1010W 1RAK6200 1SKX6300 1VCP6020X 1VCR1012
1RAK6300 1SKX6400 1VCR0002 1VCR1012W 1RAK6400
1TNR5100 1VCR0002W 1VCR1016 1RAV6100 1TNR5500
1VCR0005 1VCR2002 1RCS5050 1TNR6500 1VCR0005W
1VCR2002X 1SKX5000 1TTB5500 1VCR0010 1VCR2006
1VCR2006W 1VCR3014 1VCR4016X 1VCR5011 1VCR2014
1VCR3014W 1VCR4021 1VCR5011X 1VCR2014W 1VCR3018
1VCR5002 1VCR5014 1VCR2018 1VCR3018W 1VCR5002X
1VCR5014X 1VCR2018W 1VCR3018X 1VCR5003 1VCR5016B
1VCR3000 1VCR4002 1VCR5003X 1VCR5018 1VCR3000X
1VCR4002X 1VCR5004 1VCR5018X 1VCR3001 1VCR4012
1VCR5004X 1VCR5022X 1VCR3001X 1VCR4012X 1VCR5010
1VCR5026 1VCR3010 1VCR4016 1VCR5010X 1VCR5028
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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