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VIZIO TV Repair Service

Our company specializes in repair of VIZIO television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view VIZIO televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for VIZIO televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of VIZIO televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

Official Web Site:
VIZIO TV Repair Service

VIZIO Models:
E320-A0 E320I-A0 E50-C1 E241-A1 E390-A1
E500I-B1 D65-F1 E55-C1 M55-C2 E65-E1
E241I-A1 D32HN-E1 E32H-C1 E32-C1 D32F-F1
E43-F1 M55-E0 E550I-A0 E55-E1 E500I-A1
E321VL E420-B1 E390I-A1 D50-E1 D39HN-E0
D24H-C1 E320-A1 D50U-D1 E75-E3 E75-E1
E60-E3 E55-E2 E50X-E1 E470I-A0 E390I-B0
E320-B0 E70-E3 E291-A1 D24H-G9 E28H-C1
D320-B1 D32H-D1 D32H-C1 D43-F1 D43F-F1
D43FX-F4 D50F-E1 D60-F3 E75-F2 M50-D1
M50-C1 M43-C1 M422I-B1 M220MV E80-E3
E601I-A3E E701I-A3E E701I-A3 E70-F3 E65-F1
M507-G1 E55U-D2 E55-F1 E500I-B1E E500I-A0
E50-D1 M50-E1 M658-G1 M55-F0 V505-G9
E472VLE VO370M VO320E VL370M VL320M
V585-H11 V555-H11 V555-G1 V405-H19 M550VSE
SLT20A P75-F1 P55-E1 P55-C1 M75-C1
M655-G9 M60-C3 E480I-B2 M70-E3 E43U-D2
D32F-G4 D43F-F2 D43F-E1 D43-E2 D43-D2
D43-C1 D40U-D1 D40F-F1 D32HN-E4 D32F-G1
D50-D1 D32F-E1 D32-D1 D28H-C1 D24HN-E1
D24F-F1 D24-D1 3E320I-A0 E43-E2 D43N-E4
D40-D1 D50-F1 E24-C1 E422VLE D50F-F1
E420I-A1 E420I-A0 E390-B0 E320I-B1 E320-B1
E420I-B0 E280I-B1 E291I-A1 D65X-G4 D65-E0
D55UN-E1 D55N-E2 D55-F2 D55-D2 D50X-G9
D50N-E1 M657-G0 M65Q7-H1 M657Q7-H1 M602I-B3
M650VSE M65-C1 M601D-A3R M601D-A3 M801D-A3R
M70-C3 M70-F3 M701D-A3 M701D-A3R M706-G3
M75-E1 M801D-A3 NONE M55Q7-H1 P42HDTV10A
M586X-H1 M3D420SR M558-G1 M421VT M322I-B1
M370NV M370SL M370VT P502UI-B1 M3D470KD
M3D650SV M3D651SV M420NV M420SL M437-G0
M557-G0 M470SL M470VSE M471I-A2 M49-C1
M501D-A2R M502I-B1 M507RED-G1 M50Q7-H1 M550SL
M550SV P50-C1 V555-H1 VO420E V705-H1
V705-H1 V755-G4 V755-H4 VA26LHDTV10T VL420M
V705-G3 V655-H9 P55-F1 SV320XVT P602UI-B3
P65-F1 P652UI-B2 P659-G1 P65Q-H1 P702UI-B3
P75-E1 PQ65-F1 PX65-G1 PX75-G1 SV370XVT
V655-H19 V405-H19T V436-G1 V505-H19 V505-H9
V555-G4 V555-G4K V556-G1 V585-G1 V605-G3
V605-H3 M321I-A2 E231-B1 M320NV E240AR
D65-D2 D650I-B2 D650I-C3 D65U-D2 D70-D3
D70-F1 E191VA E220MV E221-A1 E221VA
E241-B1 D60-D3 E241I-B1 E280-A1 E280-B1
E280I-A1 E32-D1 E320-B0E E320-B2 E320I-A2
E320I-B2 E321VT D60N-E3 D58U-D3 E370-A0
D39H-D0 D24-F1 D24HN-D1 D28H-D1 D32-F1
D32H-F4 D32H-G9 D32HN-D1 D32X-D1 D390-B0
D39F-E1 D39HN-E1 D55X-G1 D40F-E1 D40F-G9
D40N-E3 D43-D1 D43F-E2 D43N-E1 D500I-B1
D55-E0 D55F-E2 D55U-D1 E322VL E370VL
M260VA E60-C3 E50U-D2 E55-C2 E55-D0
E550I-A0E E550I-B2 E550I-B2E E551D-A0 E551I-A2
E551VL E552VLE E600I-B3 E500D-A0 (1) E601I-A3
E65-C3 E65-E3 E650I-A2 E65U-D3 E65X-C2
E70-C3 E75-F1 L32HDTV10A LE24C1380 E502AR
E500AR E370VLE E420AR E370VP E371VL
E390-B1 E390-B1E E390I-B1 E390I-B1E E3D420VX
E400I-B2 E401I-A2 E420-A0 E420D-A0 E50-F2
E420VL E420VSE E421VL E43-D2 E470-A0
E470VLE E472VL E480-B2 E50-E1 E50-E3
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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