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SHARP TV Repair Service

Our company specializes in repair of SHARP television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view SHARP televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for SHARP televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of SHARP televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

Official Web Site:
SHARP TV Repair Service

SHARP Models:
LC-42BT10U LC-42D72U LC-55UB30U LC-58Q7330U LC-60C46U
LC-42D62U LC-55N620CU LC-50N6000U LC-52D64U LC-55LB481U
LC-55LE643U LC-55LE653U LC-60LE650U LC-55N7000U LC-60C52U
LC-50LB371U LC-60LE660U LC-65Q7300U LC-70EQ10U LC-50LBU591U
LC-55LBU591U LC-50LB261U LC-32Q3180U LC-20S5U LC-32LB261U
LC-32LB370U LC-32LB591U LC-32LE653U LC-32LE551U LC-40LB601U
LC-40LE433U LC-13AV4U LC-43LB481U LC-43LB601U LC-43LBU591U
LC-46D64U LC-60Q7380U LC-60LE750U LC-60LE755U LC-60LE857U
LC-60N5100U LC-60P6070U LC-60Q7370 LC-65P6000U LC-60UE30U
LC-65D64U LC-65LBU591U LC-65LE643U LC-65LE654U LC-65LE654UA
LC-65N7000U LC-60LE600U LC-60LE657U LC-50UB30U LC-60EQ10U
LC-55P7000U LC-65Q6020U LC-52SB57U LC-52SB57UN LC-55LBU711U
LC-55N4000U LC-55N6000U LC-55P620U LC-55Q620U LC-60E69U
LC-55Q7030U LC-55Q7040U LC-55Q7530U LC-58Q620U LC-60C6500U
LC-60C6600U LC-60C7500U LC-65P6030U LC-70UD27U LC-65Q620U
LC-90LE657U LC-80LE642UA LC-80LE650U LC-80LE657U LC-80LE661U
LC-80LE757U (1) LC-80LE857U (1) LC-80UE30U (1) LC-C3234U (1) LC-80LE632U (1)
LC-C3242U (1) LC-C3742U (1) LC-C4254U (1) LC-C6554U (1) PN-L703B (1)
PN-L803C (1) PN-LE701 (1) LC-80LE642U (1) LC-80C6500U (1) LC-65Q7000U (1)
LC-70LE657U (1) LC-65Q7330U (1) LC-65Q7370U (1) LC-70C6500U (1) LC-70C6600U (1)
LC-70C7500U (1) LC-70LE600U (1) LC-70LE650U (1) LC-70LE660U (1) LC-70UE30U (1)
LC-70LE661U (1) LC-70LE735U (1) LC-70LE755U (1) LC-70LE757U (1) LC-70LE857U (1)
LC-70UC30U (1) LC-70UD1UA (1) LC-50Q7030U (1) LC-50Q7180U (1) LC-43N7000U (1)
LC-50P7000U (1) LC-32Q5200U (1) LC-32GP3UR (1) LC-32GP3UW (1) LC-32LB150U (1)
LC-32LE440U (1) LC-32LE450U (1) LC-32M44L (1) LC-32N4000U (1) LC-32SB21U (1)
LC-32DH57E-BK (1) LC-32SB220U (1) LC-32SB23U (1) LC-32SB24U (1) LC-32X20E (1)
LC-37AD5E-BK (1) LC-37BD60U (1) LC-37D42U (1) LC-32GP3UB (1) LC-32D44U (1)
LC-37D44U (1) LC-20D42U (1) LC-13B8U-S (1) LC-15AV6U (1) LC-15B6U-S (1)
LC-15B6US-SM (1) LC-15B9U-S (1) LC-15SH4U (1) LC-15SH6U (1) LC-20M4U (1)
LC-32D43U (1) LC-20S7U (1) LC-20SH4U (1) LC-20SH6U (1) LC-26SB28UT (1)
LC-32AD5E-BK (1) LC-32D12E (1) LC-32D42U (1) LC-37D43U (1) LC-37D65E (1)
LC-50N7000U (1) LC-46LE620UT (1) LC-43P5000U (1) LC-43Q3000U (1) LC-43Q5000U (1)
LC-43UB30U (1) LC-45D40U (1) LC-45GX6U (1) LC-46D65U (1) LC-46SB57U (1)
LC-43N6100U (1) LC-46SV49U (1) LC-48LE653U (1) LC-50LB481U (1) LC-50LB601U (1)
LC-50LBU711U (1) LC-50N4000U (1) LC-50N5000U (1) LC-43N610CU (1) LC-43N4000U (1)
LC-37SB24U (1) LC-40Q3070U (1) LC-39LE551U (1) LC-40LB480U (1) LC-40LE431U (1)
LC-40LE653U (1) LC-40LE835U (1) LC-40N5000U (1) LC-40Q3000U (1) LC-40Q3080U (1)
LC-43LE551U (1) LC-40Q5020U (1) LC-42D43U (1) LC-42D53U (1) LC-42D64U (1)
LC-42LB150U (1) LC-42LB261U (1) LC-42SB48UT (1) LC-42XD10E (1) PN-S525 (1)
0Z570 13AM050 13C23B 13E39 1192D
13AM100 13C33 13EM100 1.30E+40 13AM150
13C33A 13EM150 135MM 13AM50 13C37
13EM40 135MN 13B22 13CM100 13EM50
137571 13B32 13D34 13F20 137LM
13B32A 13D34A 13F22 13A21 13B36
13D38 13F30 13A29 13B50 13D38A
13F36 13A31 13BTJ100 13E21 13F38
13A35 13C23 13E25 13F39 13A63
13C23A 13E35 13F40 13FM100 13GM80
13J15 13KM15 13FM150 13H2 13J31
13KM150 13FM40 13H22 13J33 13KM35
13FM50 13H24 13J330 13KM55 13G23
13H42 13J350 13LM100 13G23A 13H44
13J370 13LM100B 13G25 13H44B 13J41
13LM150 13G37 13HM100 13JM1 13LM150B
13G45 13HM150 13JM100 13LM16 13GM100
13HM15D 13JM150 13LM56 13GM150 13HM60
13KM05 13LV56 13GM60 13J11 13KM100
13LV56A 13LV56ABK 13MM17 13NF78 13NV10
13LV56ABL 13MM17B 13NF78BG 13NV58 13LV56AP
13MM17D 13NF78BK 13NV68 13LV56AW 13MM57
13NF78BL 13RM519 13LV56AY 13MM67 13NF78GY
13RM59 13LV56B 13MM67B 13NF78P 13RV21
13LV56BK 13MM67BG 13NF78W 13RV629 13LV56BL
13MM67P 13NM100 13RV649 13LV56P 13MM67W
13NM100B 13RV659 13LV56W 13MM67Y 13N-M150
13RV69 13LV56Y 13MN48 13N-M150B 13S36
13MF50 13NF75 13NM48 13SB50 13TF30
13VT-CL10 13VTF40 (VCR) 13VTG80 VCR 13TG30 13VTCL10 TV
13VTG100 13VTH100 13TH30 13VTCL10 VCR 13VTG100 TV
13VTH100 TV 13TVF100 13VT-CN10 13VTG100 VCR 13VTH100 VCR
13VT-CH6 13VTCN10 TV 13VTG120 13VTH150 13VTCH6 TV
13VTCN10 VCR 13VTG120 TV 13VTH150 TV 13VTCH6 VCR 13VT-CR10
13VTG120 (VCR) 13VTH150 VCR 13VTCJ10 TV 13VTCR10 TV 13VTG60
13VTH60 13VTCJ10 VCR 13VTCR10 VCR 13VTG60 TV 13VTH60 TV
13VT-CK10 13VTF100 13VTG60 VCR 13VTH60 VCR 13VTCK10 TV
13VTF100 (VCR 13VTG80 13VTJ100 13VTCK10 VCR 13VTF40
13VTG80 TV 13VTJ100 TV 13VTJ100 VCR 13VTL100 VCR 13VTN150 VCR
14KV455 13VTJ150 13VTL150 13VT-N200 14KV465
13VTJ150 TV 13VTL150 TV 13VTN200 TV 14KV475 13VTJ150 VCR
13VTL150 VCR 13VTN200 VCR 14LK20 13VTK100 13VTL200
13VTR100 14LK22 13VTK100 TV 13VTL200 TV 13VTR100 TV
14LV66 13VTK100 VCR 13VTL200 VCR 13VTR100 VCR 14LV66S
13VTK150 13VTN100 13VT-R150 14LV76 13VTK150 TV
13VTN100 TV 13VTR150 TV 14MJ10 13VTK150 VCR 13VTN100 VCR
13VTR150 VCR 14ML10 13VTL100 13VT-N150 14G255Z
14MN10 13VTL100 TV 13VTN150 TV 14KV445 14MR10
14N21D1 1802254 195LP 19A69 14S11A1
18MP67 195MP 19A83 14U-FM1 18MP67BK
195MPR 19A87 14VR70M 18MP67W 195NP
19AM050 14VT10B1 1.90E+86 195R 19AM100
15A45 1.90E+92 19874 19AM100R 15B44
191M100B 19A61 19AM150 15B48 192LP
19A61A 19AM150R 15H450 192MP 19A63
19AN050 15H450B 192MPA 19A63A 19B62
16F92 195860 19A63B 19B62A 17D50
195B620 19A65 19B62B 19B66 19C67
19CM100 19E75 19B66A 19C68 19CM100R
19E83 19B66B 19C68A 19CM16B 19E85
19B70 19C71 19D60 19E91 19B70A
19C71A 19D72 19EM100 19B70B 19C79
19D74 19EM100R 19B72 19C79A 19D77Z
19EM120 19B74 19C81 19D80A 19EM150
19B82 19C81A 19D82 19EM40 19B86
19C81B 19D82A 19EM40R 19C140 19C81R
19E120 19EM50 19C18A 19C85 19E73
19EM50R 19EN120 19FM120 19GM100R 19H94
19EU120 19FM150 19GM120 19H96 19F70
19FM40 19GM150 19H96B 19F72 19FM50
19GM60 19HM100 19F74 19G71 19GM80
19HM100S 19F76 19G77 19GT30 19HM150
19F86 19G79 19H550 19HM150S 19F88
19G85 19H550B 19HM60 19F90 19G87
19H600 19HM60S 19F92 19G95 19H74
19IM120 19FM100 19G97 19H78 19J
19FM100M 19GM100 19H84 19J350 19J530
19KM100S 19L-M150 19MP56 19J63 19KP05
19LM150B 19MP57 19J65 19KP15 19LM150BS
19MP57B 19J69 19KP15B 19LP16 19MP67
19J79 19KP35 19LP36 19MP67BG 19J81
19KP55 19LP56 19MP67(BK) 19J91 19KP65
19M100 19MP67(P) 19J93 19LB36 19M57B
19MP67TQ 19JM100 19LM100 19MG60 19MP67W
19JM100S 19-LM100B 19MP17 19MP67Y 19JM150
19LM100BS 19MP18D 19NM100 19KM100 19LM100S
19MP37 19N-M100S 19NP18 19NV68B 19RV519
19SB620 19NP18D 19NV68BK 19RV629 19SB620B
19NP18DP 19NV88 19RV629P 19SB640 19NP18DR
19NV88BK 19RV69 19SB640B 19NP18P 19PR59
19RV69P 19SB70 19NP18R 19RM100 19RV79
19SU111 19NP38 19R-M100S 19S86 19SV11
19NP48 19RM100SREC 19SB570 19SV110 19NP58
19RM50 19SB60 19SV111 19NV10 19RP519
19SB60B 19SV111N 19NV111 19RP59 19SB60R
19TB30 19NV68 19RV23 19SB610 19TB33
19TF30 20AM300 20CS300 20EM40 19TG30
20AN120 20CS3900 20EM50 19TH30 20AS100
20CS4900 20EM50M 19U-M100 20AS120 20CV300
20ES110 19U-M100S 20AS200 20CV300 VCR 20ES130
201AM120 20AS300 20CV30D 20ES200 205B65
20CM100 20CY300 20ES200M 20A5100 20CM120
20E200M 20ES300 20A5120 20CM150 20EM100
20ES40 20AM100 20CS100 20EM100M 20ES40M
20AM120 20CS120 20EM120 20ES4900 20AM1OO
20CS200 20EM120M 20ES50 20ES50M 20FS100
20GM60R 20HM100R 20F540 20FS120 20GS100
20HM60 20F550 20FS3900 20GS120 20HM60R
20F630 20FS40 20GS60 20HM60S 20F640
20FS40R 20GS60S 20HS100 20F650 20FS50
20GS80 20HS60 20FM100 20FS50R 20GT425
20HS60R 20FM100R 20GM100 20H71Z 20J500
20FM120 20GM100R 20H76Z 20J580 20FM1W
20GM120 20H850Z 20J650 20FM50 20GM120R
20HF60 20JM100 20FM50R 20GM60 20HM100
20JS100 20JS100S 20LK32M 20L-S100S 20MV56BK
20KP75 20LK60 20LV56 20MV57 20KP95
20LK61 20LV76 20MV57BK 20KS100 20LK61M
20MH10 20MV77 20KS180 20LK62 20MJ10
20MV77BK 20KV555 20LK62L 20MK10 20MV97
20KV575 20LK62M 20ML10 20NL10 20LK30
20LP76 20MN10 20NL10BK 20LK31 20LP86
20MP67 20NL20 20LK31M 20LS100 20MP87
20NL20BK 20LK32 20LS100B 20MR10 20NL30
20LK32L 20LS100BS 20MV56 20NS100 20N-S100S
20RV69 20SF50 20VTCH6 20NV68 20RV719
20SL43 20VTCH6 VCR 20NV68BK 20RV729 20SV40
20VTCJ10 TV 20NV78 20RV749 20SV60 20VTCJ10 VCR
20NV78BK 20RV79 20SV610 20VTF100 20PL83
20RV99 20SV620 20VTF100 TV 20RS100 20RX629
20SV640 20VTF40 20R-S100S 20SB55 20SV70
20VTG100 20RU79 20SB55B 20SV710 20VTG100 TV
20RV619 20SB65 20SV720 20VTG100 VCR 20RV629
20SB65B 20SV740 20VTG200 20RV649 20SB70
20U-FS1 20VTG200 TV 20VTG200 VCR 21BN1 21ML50
2200CM 20VTG60 21BN1A 21MM50 2265L40W
20VTG60 TV 21BN21 21N21A1 251M100 20VTG60 VCR
21FL71 21N52E1 255B70 20VTH200 21FL81
21NV21 255MT 20VTH200 VCR 21FL91 21S21A2
256SB60 20VTH60 21FL94 21SL41 258M100
20VTH60 VCR 21FN1 21SL42 25A5100 20VTJ100
21MFG1L 21SL43 25A5200 20VTJ100 TV 21MH50
21SL71 25AD120 20VTJ100 VCR 21MJ50 21VFR95S
25AM050 2168 21MK50 21VXH2000 25AM100
25AM100H 25EM100 25EX5 25G300 25AM100H3
25EM120 25FM100 25G50 25AM100P 25EM1814P
25FM120 25GM100 25AM120 25EM40 25FM40
25GM120 25AM50 25E-M50 25FM50 25GM60
25AN1 25ES100 25FS100 25GM80 25AS100
25ES110 25FS120 25GS100 25AS120 25ES120
25FS40 25GS120 25AS200 25ES130 25FS50
25GS60 25C340 25ES200 25G100 25GS80
25CR119 25ES40 25G1000 25H102 25CS3900
25ES50 25G200 25H202 25H203 25HX60
25JM190 25KS180 25H302 25J01 25JS100
25KT15 25H304 25J101 25JS180 25KT35
25H52 25J105 25JS200 25KT55 25H700
25J205 25JS260 25KT65 25H850Z 25J307
25KC165 25KV775 25HM100 25J405 25KC265
25KV785 25HM60 25J55 25KC275 25LC156
25HM80 25J630 25KC485 25LM100 25HS100
25J750 25KM100 25LM100B 25HS60 25JM100
25KM180 25LM180 25HS80 25JM180 25KS100
25LM180B 25LS100 25MT17 25NT18 25RC219
25LS100B 25MT57 25NT58 25RC259 25LS180
25NC158 25NV68 25RC279 25LS180B 25NC168
25NV687 25RC280 25LT16 25NC178 25NV68BK
25RM100 25LT506 25NC278 25NV68GY 25RM100N
25LT56 25NC288 25NV88 25R-S100 25M100
25NM100 25NV88BK 25RS50 25M717 25NM180
25RC119 25RT59 25MC157 25NS100 25RC169
25RV629 25MR15J 25NS180 25RC179 25RV69
25MT15 25NS50 25RC179P 25RV79 25SA100
25SB710 25VSJ250 25VTG100 VCR 25SB60 25SB710B
25VSJ250 TV 25VTG200 25SB608 25SB720 25VSJ250 VCR
25VTG200 TV 25SB60B 25SB720B 25VT6100 25VTG200 VCR
25SB60U 25SB740 25VTCJ10 TV 25VTG50 25SB610
25SB740B 25VTCJ10 VCR 25VTG60 25SB620 25TN18
25VT-CK10 25VTG60 TV 25SB620B 25TVG100 25VTCK10 TV
25VTG60 VCR 25SB640 25TVG60 25VTCK10 VCR 25VTG80
25SB640B 25VSH300 25VTF100 25VTG80 TV 25SB70
25VSH300 TV 25VTG100 25VTG80 VCR 25SB70B 25VSH300 VCR
25VTG100 TV 25VTG80 VCRMEC 25VTH200 25VTJ100 TV 26LV96
26SL72 25VTH200 TV 25VTJ100 VCR 26MC287 26SL72M
25VTH200 VCR 25VTK100 26MG60 26SL73M 25VTH300
25VTK100 TV 26MH30 2700AV 25VTH300 TV 25VTK100 VCR
26MH60 275V65 25VTH60 26KC485 26MR30
278S60 25VTH60 TV 26LC276 26MR70 27A5100
25VTH60 VCR 26LC286 26MV77 27AS100 25VTH80
26LC386 26PL83M 27AS100H 25VTH80 TV 26LT86
26SL41M 27AS120 25VTH80 VCR 26LV56 26SL71
27AS300 25VTJ100 26LV76 26SL71M 27AS300H
27C240 27DVCS10 VCR 27ES300 27F830 27C241
27DVS100 27ES3900 27FS100 27C530 27DVS100 DVD
27ES50 27FS120 27C540 27DVS100 TV 27F540
27FS200 27C630 27DVS100 VCR 27f541 27FS300
27CS200 27DVS10U 27F543 27FS4 27CS300
27E850 27F630 27FS40 27CS3900 27ES100
27F631 27FS50 27DV-CS10 27ES120 27F640
27FS5900 27DVCS10 DVD 27ES200 27F641 27FS6900
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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